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Love Does- “We have been fighting for human rights and providing education to children in conflict zones for over 15 years. “

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“Our goal here at Love Does is to transform lives with lasting love. We have been working to provide education and fight for human rights in conflict zones throughout the world. With your help to make it possible, we have schools, orphanages, and safe homes in Nepal, Uganda, Somalia, India and Afghanistan. By seeking out the needs of the people and expanding and growing based on those needs, we hope to make a lasting impact in many people’s lives. In our work in conflict zones and developing countries, we begin by working with locals, who know the most about the true needs, and leaders who can help guide and assist us in implementing the most effective programs. We ask first what the best way is to help, and then we take action. We believe this method assures the best value not only for those benefiting from the programs, but also the donors supplying the funds. We are committed to this wholeheartedly.”

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