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How to Write an Update

Keep your peeps updated!

Fundraising can be difficult without the right tools. One of the most important tools of crowdfunding is learning how to maintain good donor relationships. By communicating with your donors you not only get better results but also make your supporters feel valued. Here are the best tools for learning how to write a fundraiser update.

Show your gratitude

The first step to writing an update is to recognize how your donors have helped so far. It’s critical to be grateful and sincere. Often times we don’t realize how important a simple “Thank You” is to many people. After you have thanked everyone, let them know how close you are to your goal. When you write your updates, remember to include your custom hashtag. Link to your social media pages and any blog posts you may be writing about your crowdfunding journey. Once you have given a brief update on your fundraising goals, it is time to really connect with your supporters.

Key information to share:

  • Why you are hopeful about your fundraiser and what you are doing to reach your goal.
  • Any new advancements. Did someone donate a large amount? Did a local business offer matching donation? If it excites you, then it will excite them.
  • If you are hosting a fundraising event, you can add an update to get people excited and to remind them of the details.
  • Once you begin using the funds for your cause, update your donors on what the funds are being used for and how they’re helping.
  • If you are organizing a fundraiser for someone else, ask the beneficiary or a close family member to write a short message to those who have helped.
  • If your fundraiser was featured in the local media, then add links to those articles in your updates.

Updates are key to success

After giving a good update on your fundraiser, let your donors know how else they can help: this can include showing up to a fundraising event or sharing your cause with others. Remember that people really want to support you!