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Nope! Amazon smile is a donation made from Amazon of 0.05% to your charity of choice. Gaingive donates up to 8% from Amazon purchases instead of half a percent. This is because Amazon pays us for a service, it is not a donation directly from them. Instead, Gaingive is the donating party!
Amazon is the only store on Gaingive that does not allow for transparent tracking of donations. If you have made a purchases on Amazon through Gaingive, the transaction will not display like it does with other stores. The good news is that free donations will still be made to ministries in need on Gaingive through Amazon purchases!
No, the app is only for the convenience of shoppers and supporters. In order to register your ministry or cause, you must visit . Creating a ministry profile is a breeze and approvals happen withing 24 hours!
Our goal is to validate your good cause within 24 hours Monday-Friday. If you register over the weekend it will take slightly longer. If it has been more than 3 days since you registered please check your email as we may have been in touch for more information. All required fields must be filled out with as much detail as possible AND a profile picture added in order to be approved. If you haven’t received an email please contact us and we’ll look into this for you.
When you sign up, all we need is your name, email address, and for you to set a password (that only you will know) so that you can login to Gaingive. We then set you up a unique user ID which is what we use to trace your activity and add donations to for your chosen ministry. We will never share your details with 3rd parties outside of Gaingive and we promise never to spam you with unwanted mails. We want you to have the best possible experience when using Gaingive and of course, raise as much money as you can for your good cause.
Anyone can use Gaingive for fundraising, including nonprofits, organizations, ministries and Individuals. Honestly, if your Cause is based in the US and you have unselfish goals, chances are, you’re eligible for Gaingive. All sorts of causes, from craft groups to cat sanctuaries, can raise free donations with Gaingive. It doesn’t cost anything, so even if you’re not sure, go ahead and register your good cause, if we need to know more we will get in touch. Online shoppers use Gaingive to turn shopping into Giving. Shop from your favorite stores and give to the causes you believe in for free!
Each retailer has it’s own processes and as such, donations can be added at different times. For most, donations will be added on as ‘pending’ the day that the purchase is made. However, most Retailers will not make the actual payout until after their return policy terms have passed, this means that when the donation is added, it will be confirmed so no risk of it being reversed. On average it takes about 30 days for this to take place. The ones to be most aware of are Travel, Insurance and Utility donations which can take much longer (but are well worth the wait) these can take 90 days after purchase, or for travel 30 days after your trip. Again, when a donation is added to your account, it will be classed as pending until it is confirmed by the retailer (this can take a further 120 days to happen and longer for those Travel, Insurance and Utility donations) but once it has been confirmed, it will be available for withdrawl.  
Once your order is completed, we track your transaction within 72 hours and add the donation to your gaingive account & send you an email.