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The Church at Rancho Bernardo

Our Mission

We are all about one thing here at CRB and that is leading people to know and love Jesus. This is the foundation we stand on.

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Non-Denominational / Independent
11740 Bernardo Plaza Court
San Diego, CA 92128

The Church at Rancho Bernardo is a large church located in San Diego, CA. Our church was founded in 1990 and is Non-Denominational / Independent.

What to Expect at The Church at Rancho Bernardo

The Church at Rancho Bernardo offers 3 weekend worship services, including services on Saturday evening.


Harry Kuehl and Jeanette Moffett, Lead Pastors

Service Times:

Saturday 5:00pm
Sunday 9:00am
Sunday 11:00am

Service Details

  • Informal or casual attire most common

  • Contemporary worship style

  • Printed worship bulletin

  • Communion

  • Altar call or invitation

  • Location: San Diego County

  • Parking: Private lot

  • Wheelchair accessible: Yes

  • Saturday evening service: Yes

  • Multi-site church: No

  • Primary language used: English

Ministries and Programs

  • Nursery

  • Children’s ministry

  • Youth or teen ministry

  • Weekly small groups

  • Missions

  • Counseling services

  • Young adult ministry

  • Men/women’s ministry

  • Special needs

  • Community service

  • Singles ministry

  • Senior adult ministry

  • Recovery group

  • Other ministries and programs: Online Missions partner with Global Media Outreach; Adult Bible Study on Sunday mornings; San Diego School of Ministry; Life Groups; Grace Groups (Mental Illness); Support Groups

Additional Info About Our Church

We are a non-denominational, Bible-based, evangelical church.


We are all about one thing here at CRB and that is leading people to know and love Jesus. This is the foundation we stand on.




To extend God’s love beyond our church walls. To be the Church, not just go to church.
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Our Story

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We Believe

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Our Beginning

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