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Hunter Wallace – Spread the Gospel

Our Mission

My goal has always been to care for people. Many times people are searching for answers about life and I believe that God has called me to spread the Gospel in whatever way possible. Right now I am currently pursuing a degree in medicine which takes up a lot of my time. My dream is to someday be able to take my passion of working with people into the ministry. Supporting my cause will help develop my social media platform into a creative ministry team that helps me balance out the work of filming videos while I continue to further my education.

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I like to define my charity as a Personal Outreach Ministry. I started my ministry on the popular social media app called Tiktok. I began a new adventure in my life in July of 2019 when I moved to South Florida. This new journey had a very lonely beginning since I had moved about 20 hours away from my friends and some of my family. A new hunger for social connection arose in my soul which led me to start posting videos on social media. I originally started my account on videos that I thought were comedic, but after watching someone post a Christian video I thought to myself “hey! I am a Christian and would love to spread the Gospel.” I soon began posting Christian videos and my ministry field was growing very quickly so I started to get more serious and tried to implement all sorts of content that related to Christian videos. I tried to post Christian comedy, verses, controversial topics, etc. I then transferred to a new school where I am currently running cross country and track while pursuing my education and attempting to continue spreading the Gospel through the ministry God has given me on Tiktok. This means that I am very busy and have little free time to earn money. Donating/Supporting my ministry would mean that I could have the funds to produce more professional content while possibly hiring a team of individuals that could build up the ministry with even more intensity.

All that I ask is that you pray about where God wants you to put your funds because I disagree with a prosperity Gospel and don’t want anyone to provide funds because they feel like I am “commanding” for funds. I know that no matter what amount of funds that I obtain God will provide and I am trusting that God has the most perfect plan.

Thank you to anyone who decides to participate in this ministry. Ministry is not produced by money nor will money determine the fate of my ministry, but donating/supporting could help provide funds for myself and a team of workers to take my ministry to the next level.
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7 months ago

Something tells me you’re going to do amazing things in Gods name 🙂
Good luck, I’m happy I could help!

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Our Story

behind the scenes at Gaingive

We Believe

At Gaingive, we believe in introducing people to a lifestyle of giving in a more natural, less invasive way; where people don’t feel forced or pressured to give, but rather give in a way that doesn’t cost them anything. 

We believe that once hearts are open and actively giving through ordinary day to day activities like shopping, the joy and habit of giving spreads to other areas of life. Not only do we believe it, but we are blessed to see it happen every day, and we’re obsessively passionate about it!


Our mission is not only to help people achieve the joy and fulfillment that giving brings to our lives, but also to bless those on the receiving end more abundantly!

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Our Beginning

We stop at nothing

What happens when you bring together 54 people that love Jesus and send them to every corner of the Globe for a year? Big dreams and a whole lot of malaria!

We Love To Serve

In 2017, this team of believers took a leap of faith, in obedience to the calling they had received, and gave away all they had to serve others in the name of Jesus in the poorest parts of the world.

We Lead With Faith

3 months into their journey, West Africa hit the team hard with malaria (a parasitic infection carried by mosquitos).

Josh Pareja, the founder of Gaingive, was affected the worst, contracting the parasite a total of 4 times.

We Keep It Simple

Love God and love people.

God doesn’t call us to be fancy, He calls us to be obedient!

God speaks in funny ways! It only took until I was on my death bed for the 4th time for Him to put the Idea of Gaingive on my heart. We had been traveling around to some pretty poverty stricken areas, seeing churches and ministries struggle to keep the doors open because of the lack of financial support. And yeah, I just felt it in my heart that, since it all belongs to God anyways, we might as well get creative about how people support ministries. In the coming months was really when it was revealed to us just how powerful this could be, not only for financial support to those who could really use it, but more importantly to introduce a giving lifestyle to a lot of people. “

“We were pretty extreme back then; we gave away everything we had, and it was awesome and brought us so much joy! We get that not everyone is called to live a life like that, but man what if we could get them hooked on giving in a way that doesn’t cost them a thing?!”

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